What is Droid PhoneControl?

Be smart - Use WiFi instead of cable to communicate with your computer. Just follow these four steps:
  1. Install Droid PhoneControl (DPC) on your Android Smartphone
  2. Connect to your WLAN using WiFi
  3. Open DPC, press start and open the displayed link on your computer
  4. Login and enjoy cable-free phone management

Droid PhoneControl, the most advanced remote control for your Android (click on a line for more information):
  • Runs either on your Desktop or within your favorite browser
  • Seamless UI integration for Windows/MacOS/Linux
  • Native Integration with your Desktop (Drag'n Drop support, Clipboard, double click etc.)
  • Supports automatic detection of your phone and multiple devices
  • Share files (both ways: PC to phone, or phone to PC) from your SDCard
  • Control your mouse or keyboard, e.g. use it as a wireless presenter for PowerPoint
  • Watch the Camera in a stream on your computer
  • Take photos remotely
  • Play music in high quality from your phone with your favorite music player without to copy them
  • Watch Videos more easily with your desktops Videoplayer
  • Edit files and let them automatically be transferred back to your phone
  • Remembers your DPC password, to make life easier for you
  • Multilanguage support (currently EN, DE)
  • High speed file transfer (upto 1mb/s on G1) over WLAN
  • WebDAV support
  • Paste URL simply into your phones webbrowser
  • Paste Google Maps links into your phones Google Maps Application
  • Paste phone numbers into your phones dialer
  • High Android compatibility: from 1.5 upto 2.2
  • Supports QVGA devices


Caramba!! PhoneControl is the future!!

PhoneControl is the future. After only hooking up one machine I'm totally impressed. I will hook up my system and give a drive and if all goes as what I have already experienced I will be back! To upgrade.